Our Principles regarding Fundraising

If you read this, we have probably contacted you regarding one of our projects and/or activities and you are curious about our organization. First of all, let us thank you for your interest! Second, here are our principles regarding fundraising:

  1. We believe that money are a limited resource, that is why we will always strive to make the most of it. (Quality versus cheap).
  2. If you or your company are comfortable enough to help around, please do it; however, solving problems should be more important than doing PR.
  3. Give money, time and other resources to your local community and causes that are of importance to you. Help the most vulnerable, especially those who are not in the public eye. Please help the people in Ukraine, since right now they are fighting the most consequential war of our generation. And if there is something left, please consider our organization and our ideas.
  4. We work with people, not abstract numbers. Supporting them to be independent and resilient is a life long activity, that needs long term partnerships.
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