Colors team has competences in:

leisure activities, including animation for socio-educational/ cultural institutions and hotels and sport: from games to sport activities, city quest, workshops or outdoor activities; we worked with children, youngsters, adults and seniors, as well as persons with disabilities, minorities, etc.;

crafts and arts: we organized crafts workshops for all ages, using different techniques like decoupage, papiermache, quilling, knitting, fimo, painting, coloring, stencils, upcycling, friendship bracelets, wall decorations, magnets, greeting cards, etc.;

voluntary work, multicultural activities and exchanges: we worked with international partners and involved volunteers from abroad in local activities;

personal and community development, courses, trainings and consulting: we organized ANC accredited courses, as well as specific trainings in our areas of interest and offered consultancy to our partners in organizational management;

events: planning and organizing events, including catering;

consulting in gastronomy and calculation of caloric values.

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