Colors appeared in the spring of 2008, as an alternative for youth projects. Currently our center is in Brașov.

The Colors Association mission is to develop people and their communities to reach their maximum potential during their life.

We use animation and voluntary work as main tools and work with all ages, especially youth and seniors, but also with other nongovernmental organizations, cultural entities or public institutions.


Covid19 pandemic caught us in a longer reflection moment, therefore a part of our energy will go in the next years to find innovative ideas to build resilient, proactive communities, that can adapt to the future challenges.


Our values:
– we wish for the individuals to keep their independence during their life, as much as possible.
– we understand to stimulate our beneficiaries’ pro-activity and communication, so that we can find solutions for their needs.

Our approach:
– we believe voluntary work is one of the most efficient way of developing both people and their communities, that shows interest for the learning process and the personal initiative.
– we know that the change starts with us, so through our actions we want to inspire other people and groups.
– we respect the nature and the human being, therefore we promote an ecologic behavior, as well as the principles of nondiscrimination, nonviolence, tolerance and the respect for each individual.

The philosophy of working with our beneficiaries:
We are a team of pragmatic persons, that want to solve problems and in order to do this we have to work together with our beneficiaries. This philosophy assumes that we all put resources together, as far as possible (time, money, other material resources, knowledge) so that we can find the best solutions.

Annual Reports

If you want to find out more about the activities of Colors Association, read our annual reports.


Discover our professional competences from our areas of interest here.


Our ideas take on color with the support of our partners, see the list here.


Popa Claudia, president

Carmen Budileanu, vice-president

Ana Roșca, secretary

Lucian Popa, member

Anca Ciocârlan, member

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